Teen Trauma Drama

 What is Trauma Drama? Trauma Drama is an evidence-informed, innovative approach to tertiary prevention and clinical intervention for vulnerable youth exposed with histories of exposure to familial and community violence; school bullying, intolerance and hate crimes; maltreatment or neglect; and disrupted caregiving and other chronic life adversity. Trauma Drama uniquely synthesizes elements of improvisational theater and cooperative play into a therapeutic framework grounded in the six core components of complex trauma intervention: promotion of safety; self-regulation; healthy attachments; identity-development; self-worth, esteem and competency; and integration of trauma and adversity experiences into a meaningful and forward-looking life narrative. Guiding by the principle of transformative action, Trauma Drama immerses youth in vivid and poignant “as-if” activities and theatrical skits with peers and adult troupe members that seek to provide an optimal balance of challenge and opportunity to promote self-expression, cognitive flexibility, creative problem solving, “in vivo” conflict resolution skills, and above all, an embodied sense of personal agency and mastery. 

Teen Anger Management

You might be wondering if your child needs anger anger management counseling.

It can be difficult to acknowledge that anger is becoming a problem. Here’s some common signs that your child might need help with anger.

  • Getting into trouble at school regularly
  • Fighting with peers or adults
  • Constantly irritable or moody
  • Becoming aggressive or violent
  • Destructive behavior or breaking things
  • Difficulty controlling their behavior when they’re upset
  • Self harm when angry or upset

If you’re struggling with how to deal with an angry teenager,  our  anger management counseling might be just what you need 

Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

Many teens have a tough time dealing with sadness or other stresses common during adolescence. It is understandable that they may think having a drink or a little marijuana can offer relief. The best way to deal with stress, however, is to seek emotional support or find someone to talk to.

If a teen has already tried quitting or reducing use and failed, then it’s important to receive treatment as soon as possible.

Our  program  offers a place where teens can get together to try to look into and change behaviors that hurts themselves and others like smoking, drinking, fighting and using drugs. 




Our Mission

 The Youth Empowerment Zone infuses students with valuable entrepreneurial and business skills through our mentorship program. Our main objective is to create a pathway for success for today’s youth. The key to our program is a hands-on mentoring style. We provide exciting projects that teach our participants the fundamental skill of list building, direct warm market selling, how to network, relationship marketing and fundraising for start up capital. Students are also taught the importance of referrals from family and peers.


Parental Support

By participating in the YEZ training program your child will also develop essential life skills:

  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Goal Setting Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Team Building Skills 

As an end result, each participant is rewarded for their hard work.  


Researchers found that after 18 months of spending time with a mentor, those children  were:

  • 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
  • 27% less likely to begin using alcohol
  • 52% less likely to skip school
  • 37% less likely to skip a class
  • 33% less likely to hit someone

 Youth with mentors have higher rates of high school graduation and are less likely to drop out of school. They find more self-confidence, self esteem, and are able to create big goals for themselves. Additionally, studies show that behavior, attitudes, and relationships improve when a youth has a mentor