Sheri Anderson


Sheri Denice Anderson has a Master of Science in Health Administration with education (with the highest honors). She is currently a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the state of Illinois and the State of Nevada. Throughout Sheri’s life, she maintains the highest performance standards with a diverse range of approaches for everything she set out to do because she is a strategist. Sheri’s journey started in Chicago, IL twenty years ago and it was a quest for clarification on directions for her life. Sheri discovered, clarity was a powerful tool that helped her reach the uttermost place for life. She describes her uttermost place is walking and living her “Godly” purpose designed for her life. This purpose did not align with her worldly passions at that time, therefore a new journey started in her life. She completed her educational requirements, which started with an Associate of Sciences in Mental Health with Addiction Studiesand graduated (With High Honors), from there she perused a Bachler of Science in the field of Social Work, changing to Human Services and Management graduating Summa Cum Laude (With High Honors).Sheri furthered her education and received her Master of Science in Health Administration/Education graduating Magna cum laude (With Highest Honor). She is a recognized member of Golden Key Honor Society. Sheri was selected to be the graduation speaker for her graduating class. She described it as being surreal and overwhelming in a positive way. She was honored to speak about the dedication and hard work put in toward her studies. She worked at various social service organizations in Chicago for 17 years delivering professional therapeutic services to diverse populations sharing her knowledge, gifts, and talents. She continues to provide excellence services in a field that is greatly in need of professionalism. Sheri worked at several startups and well-established facilities providing social service and therapeutic counseling as a license professional. Most of career was spent working in Chicago, where she in addition to her degrees met all requirements for license to provide counseling and therapy services with the Illinois Certification Board

Sheri is on a path to excel and she uprooted from IL in 2016 and started a new journey that led her across many stateliness until she reached Nevada to start her next chapter. She first planted seeds of expertise in Carson City, NV and aligned her license to provide therapeutic services throughout the state of Nevada. She is licensed with the Nevada’s Board of Examiners and recognized as active practicing license therapist. During the time spent in Carson City, NV she joined Vitality Unlimited team based out of Elko, NV. She worked at their location in Carson City, NV and from there she traveled to Las Vegas, NV. 

Arriving in Las Vegas, Sheri knew she would be able to reach a wider range of people in need of professional services because Las Vegas is known to be “Sin City” This was just the place she was looking for and it is her pleasure to provide therapy services in this town. Sheri first worked for American Addiction Centers, Desert Hope residential facility. Providing addiction counseling for individual, group, and family services. Sheri desire was to work at a mental health behavior health outpatient facility and she later joined the professional team at Matters of the Mind LLC., because she is passionate about building communities, therapeutic process, and helping businesses to the next level. She designs curriculum and she is a true philanthropist for the world of social services

In Sheri’s spare time, you can find her researching, writing, and crafting stories for her upcoming novel. She loves watching national geographic, nature documentaries, and animal planet has always been her favorite cable channel. She loves music, art and family especially her two grandsons. Sheri believes life offers Challenges, Oppression, Opportunities, and Change” Change being the uttermost for her because it allows her to do something different each day she lives. Therefore, her motto is A Life worth Changing; is a Life Worth Living”. 

Sheri discovered clarity is powerful! As basic as it is, being clear about exactly what is wanted is her uttermost place desired.  She finally arrived at a place, where she could make anything happen in her life. She learned the challenge was her thinking, the oppression was her barrier,the opportunity was always there and Change she was ready for it. Sheri re-focused her life to build energy to go after her purpose, to learn how to live her “ultimate goal” her brain started to notice and associate with the things that would make it happen. Sheri believes massive action is a cure-all, which requires consistent and considerable action to get to where she is today. She avoided tunnel vision to make sure she did not get side-tracked and it helped her stay focused on where she wanted to go and needed to be in her life. She has arrived at the place where she is an example of the ultimate success story!She set out and completed her educational journey; not knowing the results would be so phenomenal! She did it and she exclaim it feels good! She is now charged to influence the same “change agent” in others in the wonderful world of social services. Sheri’s passion is simple. She believes if you have areas of your life that you want to receive ultimate success and it seems impossible, she challenges you to change your approach and your thinking. She encourages and often remind people, therapy is one KEY to help unlock challenges and oppression in one’s life and potentially the first step to the next level for most. Sheri goals is to help other’s take on the challenges in their lives exploring the therapeutic process. She insists people MUST BE willing to be OPEN to CHANGE and always be moving in motion. Sheri look forward to meeting and working with you in the future. She claims once you get there you will start to feel amazing just like the others who have climbed the latter of success using therapy as the steps to accomplish this task. 

 For more information about her expertise and Matters of the Mind, LLC, please visit or call (702) 647-6433.