Kerri Tiner


Kerri Tiner is a Psychological Test Technician at Matters of the Mind LLC. As a Psychological Tester, Kerri administers tests designed to accurately determine the cause of psychological symptoms and disorders. Kerri holds a crucial role in Behavioral Health since Psychological Testing can be used to determine the correct diagnosis for an individual and decide the appropriate course of treatment. Kerri graduated with a Bachelor’s in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 2012. Since graduating, Kerri has been administering Psychological Testing to a diverse age group including children and adults. 

In her personal time, Kerri loves to spend time with her husband and their toddler son. She also enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and playing sports. 

 For more information about her expertise and Matters of the Mind, LLC, please visit or call (702) 647-6433.