Dr. Cyndia K. Glorfield


Dr. Cyndia Glorfield is a doctoral level counselor with significant experience and accomplishments in both her professional practice, and academia. One of her great passions is developing other behavioral health professionals, and assisting them with strategies to reduce vicarious trauma and develop appropriate self-care techniques. Dr. Glorfield has presented at several state, regional and national conferences on topics such as Grief and Bereavement, Counselor Education, and Professional Ethics. In addition, she has served as Clinical Director of the Counseling Skills Center at University of Phoenix, Las Vegas, and is a registered supervisor in the State of Idaho and the State of Nevada.

In 2011, Dr. Glorfield earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. )in Counselor Education and Counseling with a specialization in Mental Health Counseling from Idaho State University Meridian Health Sciences Center. Highlighting her passion for the education and development of students, her dissertation was about Participation among cohorts of counselors-in-training. She has been published on the subject of Grief Counseling, by VISTAS, a publication of the American Counseling Association.

Dedicated to the profession and it’s best practice, Cyndia has served on the Idaho Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (IACES) as Representative to the Idaho Counseling Association (ICA). Dr. Glorfield also served on the Idaho Counseling Association Human Rights Committee, and as Conference Planning Committee on-site chair. In addition, she also served on the Rocky Mountain Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (RMACES)

Cyndia enjoys spending time with her 5 children and six grandchildren, and her beloved therapy dog, Zoey. Her favorite past times are going to the beach, reading, and playing and watching sports with her family.


For more information about her expertise and Matters of the Mind, LLC, please visit www.mmbehavior.org or call (702) 647-6433.